In the Event of an Emergency when visiting the RES Site and surrounding Halfmoon Lake Natural Area the information can be found on this page.  We are currently updating signs on our property with Muster point as well as GPS coordinates.  This is a ongoing project.
  • Our RES Site Address is 58507 Range Road 234 (Range Road runs North/South)
  • East Gate Staging Area is Range Road 232
  • Mid-Point in the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area is Range road 233
  • The Township Road 584 Runs East/West
Should you require the RCMP!

Range Road 233 is the dividing line between Westlock and Thorhild Counties.
Rainbow Equitation Society is in Westlock County.                          RCMP is 780-349-4491.
East of Range Road 233 (East Parking Lot) is in Thorhild County.  RCMP is 780-942-3600

When calling 911 from a landline, it will go to Parkland county who will dispatch the Clyde volunteer Fire Department.
When calling
911 from a cell phone, it could go to Parkland, Calgary, or Westlock, depending on the Cell Tower.
The Regional
Fire Chief for Westlock County is John and his number is 780-349-3346

Enjoy your visit.  Remember, you are here at your own risk. We ask only that you be safe and responsible.  If you pack it in, pack it out!  Stay on the trails that we have provided for you.
Riding Helmet

Riding Helmet

Rainbow Equitation Society strongly encourages the use of Riding Helmets for all horseback riders.