In 1981 a group of seven people came together to form the Rainbow Equitation Society. Its initial goal was to act as an agricultural society that would promote horses and horsemanship in the Westlock/Sturgeon/Thorhild area.  In 1986  the focus of the Society began to change.   An opportunity presented itself. It would see Rainbow Equitation Society take on a responsibility for stewarding five Natural Areas under the province's brand new Natural Areas Volunteer Steward Program.  This launched a whole new purpose and future for the Society.  It also provided the opportunity to develop riding and hiking trails for the Society's membership.
           Rainbow Equitation Society became partners in conservation with the provincial government, local municipalities and other like-minded not-for-profit groups.  By 1992 most of the trails that we presently enjoy were in place on the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area site, all trash was removed and members of our Society and of the community in general began to enjoy the natural landscapes of this Natural Area.
           In the years since, our Society has set new standards for the management of crown and private lands.  We are now owners of an 80 acre parcel of land that connects one part of the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area to another.  The Society property boasts a picnic gazebo, toilets, water supply, warming shed, parking area and corrals - all for the use of its members and other community groups.  Our Society also stewards the 320 acre Ghost Horse Hills property on be half of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

The Society's accomplishments are many:
  • cleared 22 kms of trail for controlled public access.
  • purchased 80 acres of land for the purpose of bridging two separated parts of the Halfmoon Lake Natural Area and providing a controlled spot for more intense activities.
  • developed educational programs and conducted school tours
  • successfully lobbied alberta Gaming to include environmental protection activities as an accepted use for gaming funds.
  • in 2004 Rainbow Equitation Society was presented with the Award of Excellence for Stewardship by the province of Alberta
  • worked with the government of Alberta to develop a management plan and biological survey for Halfmoon Lake Natural Area.
  • raised funds to donate to charitable organizations such as local food banks and the Stollery children's Hospital.
  • Were named Stewards for the Nature Conservancy of Canada's Ghost Horse Hills Property.
  • enjoy ongoing support from both Alberta TrailNet and the Trans Canada Trail foundation as area Trail Operators
  • have representation on the Athabasca Landing Trail Steering Committee
  • host ongoing annual events such as Trail Day Social and Family Day.
We owe a great debt of gratitude to all past and present members as well as others who have supported us for more than 30 years.  Our accomplishments are yours.
Thank you!