The Rainbow Equitation Society’s definition of responsible outdoor recreation is meant to address as many of the recreation needs of the public as possible and to ensure that no harm is done to our lands, our neighbours or to the communities that we are part of.
This definition supports the Province of Alberta’s purpose for Natural Areas.
What are Natural Areas?
Natural Areas are protected parcels of public lands.  They contain features that represent aspects of the biological and physical diversities of our province.  Compared with other conservation sites, Natural Areas straddle the middle between strictly protected lands, where many human activities are prohibited and intensively developed recreation sites.
With this definition of Natural Areas the Province of Alberta has acknowledged that not all human activities are acceptable on every Natural Area.  In other words, there is a place for everybody but not everybody in every place.
This complements our definition that outdoor recreation activities should do no harm to the land that we steward, the neighbours that we depend upon or the communities that we are part of.  Therefore, recreation that does harm is not a responsible form of recreation.
Decisions must be made; for more than 30 years the Rainbow Equitation Society has consistently made the correct choices on what must be done to achieve our goal of responsible outdoor recreation.
Without the efforts of the Rainbow Equitation Society and its goal to encourage all Albertans to practice responsible outdoor recreation, much of the Natural Area land base in our community would have been destroyed.

                                                                             Not This

This                                                                                                                  Not this

                                                       The choice is ours.
Join us in our efforts to promote Albertans for Responsible Outdoor Recreation!